Crazy Multiply is a group of curators dedicated to erasing the obstacles between creation and exhibition. We approach curating as its own artform. Our personal artistic practices inform our curatorial practices and vice versa. 

Crazy Multiply takes its name from the idea of constant growth and change. The organization morphs to reflect the sensibilities of current curators while promoting and supporting artists, creating unique experiences for viewers, and engaging with Seoul's vibrant art community. Our events start conversations, build relationships between artists and spaces, and cultivate community engagement.

Crazy Multiply’s inaugural show, Chill Chill, was organized by Ursula Burgess and Amy Smith in 2012. Subsequent collaborations with local artists and musicians led to the official founding of Crazy Multiply Art Collective in 2013 by Amy Smith, Laura MacDonald, and Olivia McNair. In 2016, Crazy Multiply joined forces with MAYFLY after many curatorial collaborations with Miss Baik.

Active Members 활동멤버: Rori Blue | MISS BAIK | Kaleena Carter | Gigi Arredondo | Tina Laskowski | Suki Park (박슬기)

Extended Family 확장활동멤버:| Laura MacDonald | Olivia McNair | Ursula Burgess | Amy SmithHallie Bradley | Marina Carstens | Sunny Park | Albert CheAnnie Chung

크레이지 멀티플라이는 예술가와 전시공간 사이의 장벽을 없애는 일에 헌신하는 큐레이팅 그룹입니다. 저희는 전시기획(큐레이팅)을 하나의 예술형식으로 접근합니다. 
우리가 예술을 만드는 방식에 있어서의 창조적인 과정은 우리가 어떻게 큐레이팅을 하는지에 영향을 미치며, 우리가 큐레이팅하는 방식 또한 예술을 만드는 방식에 반영됩니다

‘크레이지멀티플라이’라는 이름에서 저희는 지속적인 성장과 변화의 아이디어를 가져왔습니다.
현대 큐레이터의 감성을 반영하여 예술가를 홍보하고 지원하며, 관람객에게 독특한 경험을 선사함으로써 서울의 활기찬 예술공동체에 참여합니다. 우리는 이벤트를 열어서 아티스트들과 전시공간과 의사소통을 하고 관계를 구축하며 지역 사회의 참여를 도모합니다.

크레이지멀티플라이의 창립 공연인 ‘Chill Chill’ 은 2012 년 Ursula Burgess와 Amy Smith에 의해 조직되었습니다. 지역 예술가 및 음악가와의 후속 작업으로 2013년 Amy Smith, Laura MacDonald 및 Olivia McNair가 Crazy Multiply Art Collective를 공식 설립했습니다. 2016년, Crazy Multiply는 미스백과의 많은 큐레이팅 협업을 거쳐 MAYFLY와 합류하게 되었습니다.

Curriculum Vitae 


Rori Blue               Rhode Island School of Design | BFA Printmaking 2011 [candidate]

Kaleena Carter     Academy of Art University | MA Fine Art Painting 2017

                               Eastern Michigan University | BA Mathematics for Secondary Education, French 

MISS BAIK             Goldsmith's, University of London | BA Honors Fine Art and Art History | 2013

Gigi Arred             Georgia State University | BFA Studio Art

Tina Laskowski     University of Minnesota Twin Cities Campus | BDA Architecture

Suel Ki Park           Kookmin University | BA Marketing

                               GTQ Photoshop Class 2 Certification                     

Professional Experience

Rori Blue            SORGO Art One | Art Director | Present

                              Responsibilities include management of creative direction, design and art consulting, creation of lecture syllabus and art educational programs.

                            미니print | Director | Present

                               Responsibilities include social media management, brand direction, curating publications and collaborations, publishing and printing.

MISS BAIK           Alternative Space LOOP I Exhibition Coordinator I January 2015 - March 2016

                               Responsibilities are management of contacting artists for the exhibitions, researching emerging artists and new experimental artists. 

         ISKAI Contemporary Art UK I Assistant Curator I July 2012 - August 2013

Responsibilities were translating English and Korean, assisting organizing and planning exhibitions in London and Liverpool. 

Tina Laskowski   Buffalo Wild Wings Inc. | Design Intern | May 2013 - August 2013

                               Assist in project management and organizing store data on Excel spreadsheets, contribute in daily meetings discussing space planning and design                                    review from beginning of developing a concept. Assembled a material board providing an accurate representation of the new Stadia store design                                      concept.

                             University of Minnesota Digital Content Library I Student  Fellow : Colorist and Catalogue I September 2011 - January 2012

                                Responsibilities scanning slides and artwork from University of Minnesota professors, edit images to shown on the internet and work along with                                           cataloguer to insure images are correctly labelled and ready to be made available digitally.

          Freedom by Design I Outreach Coordinator I May 2011 - October 2012

                               Collaborated with design students to improve the lives of low-income and disabled individuals in the community via design and construction and                                        responsible for recruiting members and marketing Freedom by Design to the public.

Curatorial Projects

2017              MAYFLY XIII | Gallery DAISO | Seoul, South Korea

                      Electric Cinema Vol. 8 | 공상온도 | Seoul, South Korea

                      Iterate Deviate | Place SAI | Seoul, South Korea

                      MAYFLY XII Guerrilla Play | 공에도사가있다 | Seoul, South Korea

                      Electric Cinema Vol. 7 | 공상온도 | Seoul, South Korea

                      2016 MAYFLY Special EditionSpace M (스페이스 엠) | Seoul, South Korea

2016              Electric Cinema Vol. 6 ETAA | Seoul, South Korea

                      MAYFLY XI | Space R | Seoul, South Korea

                      Electric Cinema Vol. 5 Hand and Face Cafe | Seoul, South Korea

                      MAYFLY X | Alternative Space Ipo | Seoul, South Korea

                      Hot Media Space R | Seoul, South Korea

                      Electric Cinema Vol. 4 | Hand and Face Cafe | Seoul, South Korea

                      MAYFLY IX | Space Doing | Seoul, South Korea

                      Electric Cinema Vol. 3 | OAAH | Seoul, South Korea

                      Prima Materia | our Monster | Seoul, South Korea

                      MAYFLY VIII | Art Direct Outlet | Seoul, South Korea

                      Electric Cinema Vol. 2 | Matter | Seoul, South Korea

                      MALAISE DESCENDING | 삼청차루 갤러리 | Seoul, South Korea

                      MALAISE Yogiga Expression Gallery | Seoul, South Korea

2015              Electric Cinema Vol. 1 Alternative Space LOOP | Seoul, South Korea

                      Internet Art Gallery; Embassy for The Wrong New Digital Art Biennale | Our Monster | Seoul, South Korea; Online

                      Altered Perception | Art Direct Outlet | Seoul, South Korea

                      Archaioposterii: The Ides Our Monster | Seoul, South Korea

 Archaioposterus Yogiga Expression Gallery | Seoul, South Korea

 Transcribe/Coalesce Yogiga Expression Gallery | Seoul, South Korea

2014             Dreamwave: Unmaru Solo Exhibition Our Monster | Seoul, South Korea

Dwell Yogiga Expression Gallery | Seoul, South Korea

2013             쪽  | Yogiga Expression Gallery | Seoul, South Korea

Run Off the Mill Yogiga Expression Gallery | Seoul, South Korea

Big Yogiga Expression Gallery | Seoul, South Korea

Light Powwow | Seoul, South Korea

Crazy Multiply Yogiga Expression Gallery | Seoul, South Korea

2012            Music + Art Powwow | Seoul, South Korea

                    Chill Chill Yogiga Expression Gallery | Seoul, South Korea


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