ARTIST PROFILE: Jenny Robinson

We've been scheming to get Jenny Robinson into a show since 쪽 in 2014.

Jenny creates landscapes with ceramic clay, hanji paper, powdered copper, acrylic paint, and, I assume, magic.

We were very lucky to have her Journey Series in Archaioposterus and Archaioposterii: The Ides and are extremely excited to show some of her recent work in Malaise.

  Untitled , mixed media on canvas, 91 x 115 cm, 2015

Untitled, mixed media on canvas, 91 x 115 cm, 2015

 Microcosom, oil, clay, and foam board on canvas, 60 x 45cm, 2015

Microcosom, oil, clay, and foam board on canvas, 60 x 45cm, 2015

"그림에 지리적인 풍경이 새보듯이 조감도 시각으로 보이고 이주하는 거위새가 가끔 등장한다. 이런 철새처럼 저도 두 집에 왔다갔다 한것같다. 어렸을때부터 매년 여름 에가족과 미국 한국을 왔다갔다. 작품의 큰 영향은 비행기 창문 밖에 보이는 조감도 시각 풍경과 비행기안에 있는 길을 알려준 모니터와 공산송학 지형도이다. 지구를 그런 시각을 몰때 풍격이 이상하고 신비한 세상으로 변한다. 작품안에 이 느낌을 만들 수 있게 특이한 감축을 만드는 소재를 사용했다. 사막 같이 가라지는 말른 도예흙, 빤작거리는 부리근말, 섬세함 한지와 아크릴 등등 을 사용했다. 또 그림안에 걸망한 감동을 담았다. 머리 속에 상상하는 집이었다. 어머니는 원래 한국사람이고 아버지가 미국 백인이라서, 미국 한국이 둘다 고향이라고 생각했지만, 두 문화와 생각과 느낌을 합치고 완전 소속감을 느끼는 고향을 원한다. 왔다갔다 살면서 두 나라에 정체성이 따로 있는것같아서 한 정체성을 키울수있는 고향을 갈망해서, 그림에 그런 고향이나 그런 고향을 찾는 탐구를 표현한다. 이 작품 의미는 소속감을 느끼는 집을 찾는 탐구다." -Artist Statement
  Odyssey I - VII , clay, charcoal, gesso, foam core on panel, 30 x 30 cm (each), 2015

Odyssey I - VII, clay, charcoal, gesso, foam core on panel, 30 x 30 cm (each), 2015

You are currently in an MFA painting program at Ewha Women's University- has this changed the way you approach making art?

The major and best change enrolling in an MFA has brought to my process, is how it has changed my environment. Working alongside other peers in an MFA studio has been especially beneficial, not only because I have easy access to critique and feedback on my work, but because of the energy in the room when you are making art with other artists. We have built our own small community that supports each other and our work, and that type of environment feeds creativity, and a great working environment


How do you create such dense textures? What is your process? Do you plan everything in advance or leave things to chance?

My process in the works I put together in the Malaise exhibition go through a process that starts off as improvisational. The the thick, dense textures are created by a layer of clay slip applied on the canvas,and as the clay dries it cracks naturally depending of the thickness of the application. The cracked composition is then my starting point, and the foundation of my painting, and from then on I work with that foundation. I enjoy the improvisational part of that process, because it allows me to relinquish some control in how the piece is made. Much of my other work is done in a highly technical and crafted way where the mark making is tightly controlled, but this work loosens me up and challenges me to work outside my usually strengths and style. Clay as a material is create to use when depicting landscapes, because it is an earthy medium. It feels appropriate to create abstracted images of the earth using dirt and clay, that also behaves and shifts like the earth and landscape changes

Images property of Jenny Robinson.

For more Jenny go to her website and come to Malaise